Seychelles Offshore Companies

Seychelles offshore companies offer many trade and tax benefits as international business companies. Seychelles offshore companies are useful for providing a range of services in diverse business areas and foreign markets.

Consultancy, professional and marketing services are among the services that Seychelles offshore companies can be incorporated for. Seychelles offshore companies are recognised and accepted internationally and therefore are suitable for pursuing business and personal financial matters offshore. Seychelles companies can legally be used for property and vessel ownership, setting up holding structures for asset protection, tax optimization and planning. If set up in an offshore holding structure, a Seychelles international business company can hold shares for subsidiaries that are domiciled in high tax jurisdictions.

In cases where assets are held in various foreign jurisdictions, investors can also stimulate savings by investing these personal assets in an investment company offshore. Upon Seychelles company incorporation, advice can also be sought on how offshore Seychelles companies can be used as holding companies to avoid transfer taxes and complex procedures involved in offshore property investments. From the moment of firm production, like Panama companies formation, an investor may opt to uses his Seychelles offshore company to reduce tax liability by planning his affairs in such a way to avoid or reduce capital gains on investments and or withholding tax which is applied at source.

Seychelles incorporation company laws are modernized. In Seychelles, the Special License Company was introduced to help provide a remedy for the tax liabilities that Seychelles offshore companies could encounter in the course of business overseas. To achieve this, local Seychelles taxes are imposed on special license companies and this allows them to receive tax treat benefits that Seychelles would have negotiated with different countries.

Seychelles offshore companies that are exempted from paying taxes in Seychelles do not benefit from the overseas tax exemptions and incentives that special license companies receive. Also, unlike the offshore company Seychelles, the special license company is capable of providing goods and services in the Seychelles and internationally. The Seychelles offshore company is allowed to trade and provide its goods and services only offshore. Incorporation laws for Seychelles thus provide investors with two valuable options.

The Seychelles Company is a legal person, capable of owning and holding bank accounts in their names. With legal personality, Seychelles offshore companies are able to take and give loans, pursue legal proceedings, invest and carry on business as a natural person can. Offshore companies in Seychelles also have limited liability and as a result can be used to protect assets, be it by means of an asset protection strategy or simply by limiting liability.

Seychelles offshore incorporation is popular among persons looking to invest in the African region and surrounding areas. Seychelles offshore incorporation is regulated by the government and supervised by SIBA, Seychelles International Business Authority. Setting up an offshore company in Seychelles is a relatively easy process and Seychelles offshore banking can be looked into to maximize the use and benefits of the Seychelles offshore company.

To incorporate offshore companies in the Seychelles, the service of a registered agent must be used. Offshore business is essential in today’s world and is a major part of the international trade. Information on Seychelles offshore company registration is widely available on the internet and can be obtained from offshore business professionals.

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