Dominica Offshore Companies

Dominica offshore companies are simple but very effective structures for implementing international asset protection and tax minimization strategies. The Dominica offshore company is an international business company (IBC) that is regulated by the Dominica International Business Company Act and serves primarily as a vehicle for international trade and commercial purposes.

For the past two decades our team has networked very closely with for economic citizenship in Dominica which create an avenue for citizens of foreign countries to . This is accomplished by first qualifying to apply and making an economic donation to public sector development, education, social programs or real estate. We can send you details on and on alternative vehicles for offshore use.

Dominica offshore companies are available only to persons who are non residents and citizens of countries other than Dominica. This means that the Dominica offshore company cannot be incorporated by locals or persons who reside in Dominica. Offshore companies in Dominica can also be incorporated by legal entities, and this gives a degree of flexibility in company formation in Dominica in that being able to set up an offshore company in Dominica is not restricted to natural persons.

One of the main highlights for company formation in Dominica of offshore companies is that Dominica company formation services are fast and professional. A Dominica offshore company can be incorporated in one working day provided that all company incorporation requirements are satisfied by the client. Dominica company formation is also regulated according to strict international standards for international financial services and require company incorporation to be performed following legal provisions for due diligence.

To set up a company offshore in Dominica, only one member (natural or legal) is required. A Dominica company offshore is required to have an authorized share capital and at least one share must be issued. The full authorized share capital does not have to be fully paid in at the time of incorporation. Companies offshore can issue a variety of shares, such as registered shares, shares with par and non par value, shares with voting rights and special privileges and redeemable shares, among others.

A Dominica IBC is required to record its shareholding by keeping share registers which show the quantity, value, type and class of share that a member holds, the date on which the share was bought or transferred, the date on which a member became a shareholder or may have ceased from being a shareholder of the Dominica IBC.

Offshore companies Dominica must have at least one director. The director may also be a shareholder. If there are several directors they can all be shareholders of the Dominica company. Offshore companies are required to have a board of directors who run the affairs of the Dominica offshore company through decision making. The directors, like shareholder of Dominica companies offshore, can be either natural or legal persons or be a combination of both natural and legal persons.

Company incorporation in Dominica is done through agents. These agents are licensed by the Government and are monitored and supervised by the Financial Services Commission which makes sure that international measures for due diligence and anti terrorism are upheld and enforced by company incorporation agents in Dominica for offshore companies.

A Dominica offshore company receives tax exempt status from the time of incorporation. Dominica offshore companies are tax exempted entities and therefore are appropriate for carrying out international business, investment, tax planning and asset protection wishes. Dominica offshore companies do not pay death tax, income tax, capital gains tax, corporate tax, duties and withholding tax.

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