Offshore Companies


Offshore companies are very versatile legal entities that can be used to pursue various business, private and family interests.

It is important to understand that offshore companies are entities with their own legal personality and capacities. Due to this, offshore companies are able to perform transactions in their own names just as a normal person would do.

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In this website, Dubai offshore companies, Panama offshore companies, Seychelles offshore companies, the UK offshore company, Dominica offshore companies, BVI offshore companies and Cyprus offshore companies are the offshore companies discussed. An article is also written on the international business company, which you will find out is essentially an offshore company but is the formal name given to offshore companies in most offshore jurisdictions. Further explanations of what are offshore companies are given in an article entitled offshore company to explain that in fact the international business company is only one type of offshore company, as there are limited liability companies, protected cell companies and limited liability partnerships which too are types of offshore companies. These offshore companies differ from the international business company because of their legal structure.

Seychelles offshore companies, Panama offshore companies, Dubai offshore companies, Cyprus offshore companies, Dominica offshore companies, BVI offshore companies and the UK offshore company all offer unique benefits. One of the principal benefits of each type of offshore company or international business company being related to the tax regime under which each of these offshore companies operate.

In all of these jurisdictions, the offshore company or international business company is exempted from taxes, with the exception of the UK where a special tax regime has been designed. In Cyprus the offshore company tax structure for Cyprus offshore companies changed as a result of Cyprus’ accession to membership in the EU which required Cyprus to modify its offshore company tax regime which allowed offshore companies to be fully exempted from Cyprus company tax and other taxes.

Offshore company formation is key to accessing BVI offshore companies, Dominica offshore companies, Panama offshore companies, UK offshore company, Dubai offshore company and Seychelles offshore companies. Without offshore company formation services it would not be possible to register offshore companies in these offshore jurisdictions. Offshore company registration is regulated by legislation that is targeted at offshore companies, the structure of offshore companies in these jurisdictions and the manner of conduct in offshore company registration services.

Bank accounts offshore are intimately related to the maintenance and operation of an offshore company. Offshore bank accounts are designed to deal with the demands of the international business company and therefore target the needs of offshore companies. Bank accounts offshore are offered in many forms which include offshore savings accounts, term deposits, investment and brokerage accounts, offshore business accounts and merchant accounts. Offshore companies are able to own any of these accounts when opening a bank account offshore and as its relationship with the offshore bank grows.

All offshore bank accounts can be held in multiple currencies, and hence all bank accounts offshore are multicurrency accounts, allowing international business companies to conduct their offshore banking affairs to suit their needs. Bank accounts offshore can be opened strategically by Cyprus offshore companies, BVI offshore companies, Panama offshore companies, UK offshore company, Dominica offshore company and Dubai offshore company so that their goals are most effectively met. For example, a Panama offshore company that does business in Europe may open a Cyprus offshore bank account or a Switzerland bank account offshore while a Cyprus offshore company may open a Panama offshore company for more privacy as well as to best suit its needs if trading in the Caribbean region.

Due to the benefits of the international business company, the absence of offshore company that that allows offshore companies to operate free of tax and efficient and regulated offshore company registration, offshore company formation is quickly growing service.

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